Digital Myrth also provides a reasonably unusual offering in that along with managing your web content we can take care of the technical maintenance of your CMS based website. This Website Security Maintenance service includes:

  • Updates of your Content Management System (CMS) and ensuring that plugins, components, modules and CMS frameworks are kept up to date.
  • Regular checks of your web properties.
  • Backups taken regularly.
  • Restoration of your site in the event that something goes wrong.
  • Management of suppliers where there are related services involved in restoration.

These are all important considerations which reduce the risk of intrusion and data loss in the event of an incident. This kind of maintenance is essential for Content Management System (CMS) based websites.

The Website and Security Maintenance Service is available annually, or quarterly and is available for sites that Digital Myrth hosts, but also sites that we do not host. Talk to us about this important service today.